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Book: Un montón de ropa, by Luján Agusti

Book: Un montón de ropa, by Luján Agusti


"During my adolescence I dedicated myself to stealing clothes from my mother. I did it secretly because she got angry. She took great care of her clothes. I took something, I used it and put it back in its place so she would not notice it. She always did. Once I took a shirt and ruined it with a burn. I decided to hide it in the back of the closet so she would never find it. She never found it. When my mom died, all her clothes were left ownerless and without use. What she had cared for so much, finally survived her. "

Photographs, text and design: Luján Agusti
Self-published, printed in Mexico City
May 2016
100 copies
52 color pages, on recycled paper and albanene.

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